1:6 Scale Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costumes

26 May 2024

Tailored these versions of Lynda Carter’s iconic Wonder Woman Season 1 and 2 Costume with optional Add-On Skirt and Cape. Thanks to the people who commissioned us for these outfits. If you are interested to commission us to make this outfit please send your inquiries to #OneSixthTailoring #SuperHero #TV #WonderWoman #LyndaCarter #Comics #CustomFigureOutfit #CustomTailoring #GeewhizCustoms

Firestar 1:6 Scale Costume

19 October 2022

Finished tailoring this Spandex 1:6 Scale Firestar Costume as she appeared in the cartoon “Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends”. The entire outfit is tailored using only left and right panels with lapel facing. Getting the continuous boots to look right and the fire design to align perfectly into place was quite a challenge but it all worked out in the end.

The Phantom/Gray Ghost Custom 1:6 Scale Figure Variants

15 May 2022

The Phantom is credited as being the first “skintight costumed superhero” attributed to comic book superheroes. While there had been masked crime fighters like the costumed Zorro, The Shadow, or the business-suited The Clock, the Phantom was the first fictional character to wear the skintight costume and eyes with no visible pupils that has become a trademark of comic book superheroes.

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