Nada's Outfit from the film "They Live"

15 September 2021

Tailored this commissioned 1:6 Scale Outfit based on the clothing, worn by Roddy Piper, as the main protagonist named “Nada” in the 1988 American science fiction action film entitled “They Live”. Have done several of these outfits in the past as the movie, which was written and directed by John Carpenter, has gained a cult following throughout the years.

Terminator T-800 Jacket Conversion to Genuine Leather

03 September 2021

Converted this Hot Toys MMS238 T-800 Pleather Jacket into Genuine Leather for one of our clients. Tried too recover as much as the original parts that are use-able to keep the collectible as close to the original build as possible. This specially crafted piece of clothing can now last on display for a lifetime without having to worry about flaking.

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