Official Marion “Cobra” Cobretti 1:6 Scale Figure from Sly Stallo

05 September 2022

Our team was given the privilege to design and tailor the prototype clothing & shoulder holsters of this officially licensed figure for the Sly Stallone Shop alongside other international artists, Inigo Gil and Sean Dabss who worked on the 3D Sculpts which were all masterfully painted by Dario Barbera under the direction of Fabio Varesi.

1:6 Scale Marv’s Outfit from Sin City

04 September 2022

Marv is a main character and one of the main protagonists of the Sin City franchise by Frank Miller. This outfit commission is based on the outfit worn by Mickey Rourke In the 2005 film adaptation and its 2014 sequel. Outfit we tailored consists of a Genuine Leather Overcoat and Pants paired with a white ribbed tanktop.

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