8th Doctor Who 1:6 Scale Outfit

03 July 2024

Got commissioned to tailor another 8th Doctor Who clothing set based on the costume worn by Paul McGann in “The Night of the Doctor” which is a 2013 mini-episode from the Doctor Who franchise.

1:6 Scale Dorothy Costume from “The Wiz”

23 June 2024

Tailored this 1:6 Scale Dress based on the outfit worn by Diana Ross when she portrayed Dorothy in the 1978 American musical fantasy adventure film “The Wiz”. This film reimagines the classic 1900 children's novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum with an African-American cast.

1:6 Scale Kanan Jarrus (Star Wars Rebels) Shirt

26 May 2024

Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, was a Force-sensitive human male Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 during the Clone Wars. We received a commission request to recreate the the shirt Kanan wears in the TV Series “Star Wars Rebels” where he was one of the main protagonists who became the Jedi master of Ezra Bridger. If you are interested in our custom tailoring services for your 1:6 Scale Action Figures, it is best to send an email inquiry to so we can properly discuss your requirements. #OneSixthTailoring #TV #Cartoon #KananJarrus #StarWarsRebels #Jedi #OneSixthTailoring #CustomFigureOutfit #GeewhizCustoms

Custom 1:6 Scale 14th Doctor Who Outfit

25 May 2024

Commissioned one sixth scale outfit based on the suit worn by Scottish Actor David Tennant in his comeback as the 14th Doctor Who. You can still see some semblance to the suit Tenant was last seen when he sported a slightly different Brown Suit and Tan Coat on his previous portrayal as the Tenth Doctor in 2013. The 14th Doctor’s Outfit we custom tailored now consists of a Blue Wool Trench Coat, Brown Waistcoat and matching Trousers with Custom Tartan Print, Neck Tie, and a White Long Sleeve Collared Shirt. Should you be interested to commission us for custom tailoring work, please send all inquiries to #OneSixthTailoring #TV #DoctorWho #14thDoctor #DavidTennant #CustomFigureOutfit #OneSixthFigure #GeewhizCustoms

1:6 Scale Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Costumes

25 May 2024

Tailored these versions of Lynda Carter’s iconic Wonder Woman Season 1 and 2 Costume with optional Add-On Skirt and Cape. Thanks to the people who commissioned us for these outfits. If you are interested to commission us to make this outfit please send your inquiries to #OneSixthTailoring #SuperHero #TV #WonderWoman #LyndaCarter #Comics #CustomFigureOutfit #CustomTailoring #GeewhizCustoms

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