About Us

We are a one sixth scale custom production studio composed of a group of toy enthusiasts, tailors, sculptors, painters, digital artists, and craftsmen who enjoy making toys come to life.

Our craft spans across various art forms which include the creation of life-like custom made one sixth scale figures, clothing, accessories and diorama environments for avid fans and collectors who want to have miniature replicas of their favorite characters and scenes to add to their personal art gallery collection.

We aim to provide alternative collection pieces which have never before been produced and manufactured, making our toys the “Holy Grail” centerpiece of anyone’s collection.

Our Art Specialties

  • Highly detailed and scale-accurate Tailored clothing
  • Hyper-realistic one sixth scale portraits and accessories using traditional handmade or 3D sculpting design platforms
  • Dynamic and Static Miniature diorama environments and display backdrops

Commission Information

Our goal has always been and will always be to make your wishes come true. We believe that whatever the mind can conceive...our creative team of artists will achieve. There is no custom too large or too small.

For more information, contact us.