The Phantom/Gray Ghost Custom 1:6 Scale Figure Variants

15 May 2022

The Phantom is credited as being the first “skintight costumed superhero” attributed to comic book superheroes. While there had been masked crime fighters like the costumed Zorro, The Shadow, or the business-suited The Clock, the Phantom was the first fictional character to wear the skintight costume and eyes with no visible pupils that has become a trademark of comic book superheroes.

Ralphie Parker (A Christmas Story)

05 November 2021

We are pleased to share with you the full reveal photos of this upcoming custom figure project we have been given the privilege to be a part of, as the official tailor alongside top-notch artists from around the world. The set includes a fully articulated Ralphie Parker wearing his Iconic Bunny Suit from the 1983 film “ A Christmas Story” and will be offered out as an Exclusive Limited Edition 1:6 Scale figure run from Doggie Doc Designs

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