1:6 Scale Bane Outfit Restoration & Conversion to Genuine Leather

Worked on restoring a 1:6 Scale Hot Toys MMS183 Bane Figure Outfit from the Dark Knight Rises. Since the Trench Coat is made of Faux Leather, it has greatly suffered from severe flaking of it’s polyurethane layer. We had to make a full conversion by saving the inner lining and buttons and totally replacing the faux leather with Genuine Leather hide.

The Gray areas of the vest have also deteriorated and had to be glued back on and repainted.

The pants had some of it’s components getting unglued and stitching of pockets started becoming undone so we also pretty much tailored a new one and salvaged all the parts to be put on the newly tailored pants.

If you are in need of some similar restoration work for your prized collectibles, feel free to send us photos of the damage and email us at geewhizcustoms@gmail.com so we can look into it and see how we can help you.