Super G 1984 (1:6 Scale Custom Outfit)

Finally completed our take on Kara's outfit from the 1984 film and we delighted to share photos of the final one sixth scale costume we recently finished for a special run project spearheaded by Shane Poole in collaboration with Sean Dabbs.

Due to the small scale we are working on, the biggest challenge for us in fabricating this costume is getting the proper screen accurate chest and cape emblems made from fabric. Aside from finding a way to cut the negative spaces of the emblem to show the yellow background, the level of difficulty was further elevated by the fact that the we needed to sew the edges of the emblem from the inside of the blue spandex suit with a French Seam. Doing this in spandex is already quite difficult when doing it in life size scale and we had to develop new techniques to achieve this in one sixth scale to avoid uneven or wrinkled borders.

As with our 1978 Superman Costume, the boots are also made of genuine leather for better accuracy.

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