Mutant Costumes by Geewhiz Customs

12 July 2018

A new mutant teleported into the display cab today #OneSixthTailoring #Superhero #Comics #Nightcrawler #BAMF #Uncanny #XMen #GeewhizCustoms


12 July 2018

BAMF! And just like that, we present to you The X-Men's Resident Mutant Teleporter Nightcrawler. This custom 1:6 Scale project is a collaboration between Geewhiz Customs for the Tailoring work in association with Kidlat Studios who produced the head sculpt, tail, hands and feet. Sculpting and Painting Credits go to Myke dela Paz of Phoenix Force Creations.

Fabric Selection

11 July 2018

Whenever a client requests us to make one set of clothing for a particular character, we do our best to find the closest fabric material that would work in scale. While going online to search could be a more convenient solution, being able to physically see the weave, touch the fabric and feel the weight and stretch is the best way to decide whether it will work for the specific tailoring project design or not. Below are just snapshots of some of the sections of one place we go to in hopes of finding the fabric needed. Inside the many buildings in this location is a labyrinth of fabric vendors with rolls of fabrics stacked on top of each other. It can take as much as three full days to search and even more when we have to go back because it did not work well with the print process required. Fabric selection for 1/6 scale tailoring is probably not given much importance by most of our clients but finding the best one that works is really half the battle.