Officder K's Blade Runner 2049 Coat

This is probably one of the hardest coats we have ever made. Aside from the asymmetrical collar with fur trim, the way the coat closes up is not very conventional. The film's color grading also made it very difficult to see the real color of the coat and if you don't pay attention you'll most likely miss the very faded back print.

We searched high and low for the proper material and ended up with so many yards of different olive to gray colored fabrics that we tested countless times using different hues in sublimation printing. Lots of wastage during the trial and error process but it was definitely all worth it in the end. For the first time, we were on the verge of giving up on this and just settle for regular satinized cotton.

We're glad that persistence and ingenuity prevailed and the challenge has finally been overcome.

If you watch the film the coat looked like it was made of leather but through research we found out that the material is cotton covered with waterproofing. For the first time, we basically not only printed on fabric but also pretty much fabricated it. Adding the waterproof layer was, printing on it using sublimation and getting the proper tones to match the color grading of the coat in the movie is a major milestone for our team and will most likely be very useful for us in future projects.

The need to constantly learn, improvise and invent is an integral part of our work attitude to not just settle for what is available. Cheers to Innovation and Ingenuity.

Complete Clothing Set for Officer K will be finished soon, so watch out for our next post.